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Saw your post on Facebook, great new website design. Keep shining
I watched your new video (Are You Coming with Me?) and I love it! Great song and video. I especially like the lyrics. I highly relate to them right now. In my opinion, a great song has great lyrics that you can relate to.
good voice congratulation .
How beautiful your holiday videos are! You always put a smile on my face!
People have forgotten that music should be fun! You remind everyone!
I love your season greeting video. I must say that your vocal sound in this video really matches your voice, I would pursue it further it's awesome
I love your LOVESICK song!
In your Season's Greetings video you are beautiful, classy and sexy. And a great promotional piece for the city of Breckenridge, where I’ve never been, but now I feel inclined to.
Call the Party Police and put me under arresting sleep......"We Can Have a Party". .....and the perfect host is Kahra as she unleashes her next great Video. Check it out You may just find yourself dialing along with the sure to become a Pop Classic, "Party Police"!
I like your art work!
Really enjoyed the New York Streets music and video. Great effort Kahra! For me, brought back many great feelings about the Big Apple. Really liked your style and sound on this Kahra
Kahra's AirWaves is like a breath of fresh air!
You have a strong presence when you enter a room- a genuine glow...keep rocking that on, god knows the world needs more people like that;)
As a registered nurse myself, cute business cards!
Great Artist. Beautiful lady and a beautiful person
I love you
I love you
I liked the video Love You Right. I think you captured the best of the circus atmosphere. Your skills at making videos and acting the role is better than a lot of professional ones I have seen. But I am no expert! I got a kick out of watching some of the bystanders watching in amazement lol
I love your new video and song UR My Escape
You're very versatile- I like the outfits & hair color changes
You've got a lot of great new songs!
I seee great things
jos http://ipagehostingreview.info/ oiupy
...I'd stuff it. 212-432-5467 if you dig.
I don't know what "it" is, but you got it!
You are my doctor!!!
Just bought my very own Lovesick CD from CDBaby!! Keep it up Kahra
For those interested please Encourage Kahra Keyes new release by purchasing at www.kahramusic.com. She is a "Chameleon of Diversity in Creative Arts and is a little Cyndie Lauper, Lucille Ball, Madonna all in one act!!! Kahra paints, sings, dances, acts, & is even a personal trainer! Being a Music Industry Professional courtesy of NARAS Miami Chapter and having worked in S. California for 8 yrs I Believe she is going to become a New Tour-de-Force for the Music Industry to Reward for her Perseverance! It was a Great Historic night for our new location for Grace Cafe and Gallery!!!~"The ENCOURAGEANAIRE" ACTS 11 P.S. Some of my Favorite songs are "Lovesick" and "Heartback" because they take people to another place to Have Fun and Getaway!
i'm so proud of you! Great stuff, keep pushing til you knock that door down!!!
Kahra, You look great and sound amazing. I miss the good old days - pong master, nerd-mobile, USA chant, dinner / drinks - signature room (John Hancock). Say hi to Crissy for me. Talk to you soon - call / text me sometime @ 312-543-4260
Love your new song "HeartBack." Great video! Your "pink" phase is crrraaaazy!
Can't wait for your album to be released!
I still have the tune in my head...."It's a beautiful night, I think I'll go outside for a walk...."
Excellent new website design! Love the new look
Awesome hangin/meeting u last nite, checkin out your music/site very cooool Lets try & stay in touch
I enjoyed hearing your performance at Jazid. Can't wait to see what you will do next!
LOVE your CD XOXO & i play it every time i am in my car ... the energetic sound puts me in an instant good mood :) ~RR~
"Kahra, a friend showed me your video "XOXO" and I just wanted to say that when I saw it, it struck me just like the first moment I had seen Marilyn Monroe, many tears ago, in a minor role. She had that extra "thing", very rare... And now I see it for the second time...!"
Kahra, Hi! I met you briefly at Leah's birthday party a few weeks back at News Lounge and I just wanted to say that ever since I bumped into your single, "XOXO", on YouTube I just can't stop humming it! It's absolutely too cute for words and I put it on once a day just to smile. Your flirtatious looks as you lean over in that toilet stall is just adorable, too... Again, I applaud you.... Thanks! -R de la P
Love the news section-- look at all you're doing!!! Congrats
I enjoyed your songs at Mr Laff's on Thursday-- I hope you make it up here to Davie more often!!
You did a great job on this web site!
Love is in the air... I can't wait to hear your new album XOXO :)
Kahra-- it was nice listening to you and your band perform at Bike Miami. Looking forward to coming to see you at your next gig!
Hey Kahra! You guys rocked it out this past weekend... you and your band sound tight. Keep it up!
Great site! Easy to get around... keep up the good work! :)
Kara, Great to find you and your music doing so well. This site is wonderful and Between the Moon and the Sun video is so well done. Congratulations! Wishing only the very best and Happy Birthday. Robert
I love your tune its great and the video is awesome Im so impressed with all the great music you've made keep up the good work Hawaii Is waiting for you . Your friends and COLD MUSIC GROUP. Its a Cold World. Jole Torres COLD MUSIC GROUP HAWAII GO VENTURES LOS ANGELES
I really enjoyed your music video Kahra! Great song and lyrics. Nice to see you are also a big fan of Karen Carpenter--I still enjoy her music and wish she were with us! Best of luck with all of your musical aspirations. You are very talented!
Damn Kahra! Between the Moon and the Sun ! Wow ! Congratulations! Looks excellent and I hope it launches your career! You're a star on the way! What galaxy did you arrive from?
love you!!
Hi Kahra! What a pleasant surprise! Your mom & dad must be proud. I'm going to buy your album. The smoky jazz sounds great! Good luck and much success. I'm a long time handball buddy of your dad at Lattof Y.
What up sucka punch?!?! Oh how I miss Flannagian's Miami food! Nice worky work. Keep the rhythm pumping my sister from another mister...
what an awesome accomplishment! keep up the hard work! say u on MTV ... very cool!!
Hey...you changed your site! Fred is right...Jesus loves blessing peeps. He has a tendancy of giving you what u need as opposed to what you want and setting into your heart higher desires.
u are really amazing, i love your album.
We know you're a friend of Jesus. Keep getting to know Him and He shall bless you and your music. With His help you will find a way to bring souls closer to Him before time runs out. May the Holy Spirit continue to teach you and never leave your side. Amen
please please can you put a clip or the full song "my Martini" on this site??? Please please please???
Come and visit my site and new blog page! The NEW look of http://www.wonderlakeart.com is here! Also make sure you all buy some Kahra music for stocking stuffers...she is the bestest!!!
awesome meeting you in FL.. your music is really sweet babe.. keep kicking ass at what you do. xo
Hey Kahra, im listening to your tunes with your fav bro Jason at work (NSSEO). I really like your style. Todd
Someone with the same last name as me (outside my family)....how unusual
hey, saw your link or ruths site. i think you look amazing and would love to hear your reggae album, can i buy it on your site. hope to talk to ya soon and i hope you come back and visit, i would love to see you.
Can't wait for Kahra's new album to come out. all of her music is light, uplifting and makes you feel like you are in Miami or some tropical destination. Kahra is one of the hardest working people I know and I trust her to produce great music. I've played Kahra's stuff more than my new copy of Coldplay. Ruthie @ www.wonderlakeart.com
Wow girl, what a journey eh?! You have come so far and you keep going! You've got it so go get them!! Don't forget the little people!! -jo
Wow, this is great! I'm not sure if you are aware, but your songs sound very sexy. "Sexy" like the most passionate kiss, in a downpour of rain, with someone you never EVER want to let go of. You have a great talent. Whatever happens on this planet, never EVER let go of it. Thank you for directing me to your website. Please don't be a stranger. -Brian
WOW! That is a great cover shot...cool.
You are an amazing, intense n beautiful woman inside n outside. Jah guide n protect U always. Bless
Wow! Look at you, I will have to check out this music when I have some free time. CONGRATS!!!
Kahra your talent is definitely growing since you first began this endeavour. Keep songwriting, singing, and get out there and perform more often! The world should hear your beautiful voice and your meaningful message. Jonah
Hi Khara (AKA Kara). :) Glad to see you're still singing. You auditioned for me about 5 yrs ago when my co. was in FL. Remember? Anyway, just stopped by to see how your career is going. Neil
I love the album "The Road to Someday". If only I could make words sound as beautiful as you do. Keep smiling
"... may your dream become a reality and spread throughout the stars" -- Kirk (Whom Gods Destroy, Star Trek Original Series)
Hey Kahra! Wow!!!! You are gonna go far! Thanks for sharing your love for music and songwriting.
Congratulations! This is great and you deserve it, you have worked so hard for this. Let me know when you will be back in Wisconsin.
You're the Coolist, Kahra! It's great to have someone with talent in the family. Best of Luck in your endeavors!
Congrats on all of your accomplishments!!
Amiga! Fantastic site. I am so very proud of you. I love your song "The Road to Someday". Keep pursuing your dream. Love, Gisela
You should be very proud of yourself -- I'm sure even more is in store for you in the future!
Site looks great and music sounds super!!
Way to make your dream a reality!
Congratulations! I am so impressed with your passion and dedication and I will certainly download some songs on iTunes!
oops ... persist E nce, of course.
I saw you writing, writing, writing for years, we talked a lot about music and musicians and now? Now you have a CD on iTunes! It´s good to see that talent plus persistance succeeds. Congratulations Kahra! Joey B. (T5)
This is awesome, I'm so happy for you!! Hope all is well, let me know the next time you'll be near Wisconsin!
Keep running girl! Beautiful site..ver ecclectic! Hope to see you before we leave! love Cynthia
Hey Karita....nice site...how is everything? Seems you are doing well..love coy
I love you!
cool site cuz! haha i could nvr make a site this bc computers hate me! lol! haha n i <3 u 2!
This site rocks!
I love that girl with all my heart!
I am glad to see the website is finally up and running!

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