Today is the music video release of Broken Record, the fourth music video release from Kahra's current album Footprints shot in St. Petersburg, Russia (Leningrad) with footage of Catherine's Palace, inside the Hermitage Museum, Church of the Savior on Blood, Peterhof Palace Complex, St. Isaac's Cathedral, etc. with song lyrics inspired by The Fourth Way (Esoteric Christianity) founded by Gurdjieff as told by PD Ouspensky with concepts such as self remembering, considering, mechanical man, etc. "The Work" on thyself is never in vain! YouTube Link:

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Upcoming Album MERMAID TALES

Mermaid Tales is a Maritime Themed Album Mastered by Red Pipe Mastering NY & Produced by Red Pipe Productions, Giuseppe D. & Alan "Bagga" Mitchell in the genres of Tropical House, Reggaeton, & Pop featuring Rally Rally Ree on "Missed Out" & Henno on "Heart Too Far". Fado style inspired the track "Harbour of Lisbon" and check out the music video filmed in Lisbon, Portugal releasing on April 19th. Two songs are sung in French, one of which titled "Au Naturel" is co-written with James C Taylor and his half of the songwriting profits will go to UM Sylvester Cancer Center in his honor. This song is included in the album in both English and French.