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Kahra's music is featured in the movie titled, "Lost Angel". A Motion Picture Written and Directed by Keri Lurtz
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Straight Away Movies featured 4 tracks by Kahra in the Feature Film, "Wild Sunflowers"
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Produced by Giuseppe D. & Alan "Bagga" Mitchell in the genres of pop & jazz with electro swing in "Home Sweet Home" & funk in "Blueberry Dress". This album features the US Nation Theme Song "Look At Her (US Nation Beauty Queen)" & a song performed during halftime for the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers called, "Here Come the Strikers". Rob B. is featured on Horn for the track Spilled Milk. The CD includes the music video for Spilled Milk which was filmed in New Orleans! The other music video included on the CD is for Blueberry Dress filmed in Lima, Peru. Physical CDs can be ordered through CD Baby under the PRODUCTS tab