by Kahra

Released 2012
Released 2012
Seductive, fun, sexy, upbeat dance party music featuring vocal characters with hidden messages
AirWaves came to Kahra during a recording session while she was in the booth. The track was going with the beat and her subconscious sang songs from airwaves on an intergalactic radio station not yet heard by earthling ears. After one idea and song flowed into the next came the original spoken recording in her "valley girl" character from this channeled session explaining the experience in track one, "Holy Shit! That was like... I feel like I'm a DJ Channel & like all these song are just like on a radio. And one flows into the next, like a good set. Maybe I got this from hanging around with a DJ last night..." Kahra was hanging out with a DJ in his booth the night before and to add to the vibe Ultra Music Festival was going on at the same time a few miles away. Enjoy AirWaves... it came to you from the great beyond through artist Kahra

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Upcoming Album MERMAID TALES

Mermaid Tales is a Maritime Themed Album Mastered by Red Pipe Mastering NY & Produced by Red Pipe Productions, Giuseppe D. & Alan "Bagga" Mitchell in the genres of Tropical House, Reggaeton, & Pop featuring Rally Rally Ree on "Missed Out" & Henno on "Heart Too Far". Fado style inspired the track "Harbour of Lisbon" and check out the music video filmed in Lisbon, Portugal releasing on April 19th. Two songs are sung in French, one of which titled "Au Naturel" is co-written with James C Taylor and his half of the songwriting profits will go to UM Sylvester Cancer Center in his honor. This song is included in the album in both English and French.