by Kahra

Released 2016
Released 2016
Not your typical blonde singer, rebellious Kahra uses creative, smooth lyrics, with trippy hot beats from top producers who work with only the best in Miami & New York. Discover an artist who will make you wonder why you haven't heard her music yet!
"This is a sure fire winning album- complete with two anthem songs with a variety of styles"
Kahra is a talented singer, songwriter resides in Miami, Florida and is excited to release this upbeat album that puts a positive, sexy spin on being a whistleblower. Kahra is a political leader as the pageant winner with the title, Miss US Nation 2016. Track 6 is the Miss US Nation Pageants official Song. Kahra is also a Fort Lauderdale Strikers Cheerleader for 2015 and wrote track 7 Here Come the Strikers as the cheerleaders performed a dance to the song during a halftime performance during last year's soccer season. Become a part of the South Florida community and support Kahra's budding career with the purchase of this album!

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Produced by Giuseppe D. & Alan "Bagga" Mitchell in the genres of pop & jazz with electro swing in "Home Sweet Home" & funk in "Blueberry Dress". This album features the US Nation Theme Song "Look At Her (US Nation Beauty Queen)" & a song performed during halftime for the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers called, "Here Come the Strikers". Rob B. is featured on Horn for the track Spilled Milk. The CD includes the music video for Spilled Milk which was filmed in New Orleans! The other music video included on the CD is for Blueberry Dress filmed in Lima, Peru. Physical CDs can be ordered through CD Baby under the PRODUCTS tab