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Mermaid Tales is a Maritime Themed Album Mastered by Red Pipe Mastering NY. Produced by Red Pipe Productions, Giuseppe D. & Alan "Bagga" Mitchell in the genres of Tropical House, Reggaeton, & Pop featuring Rally Rally Ree on "Missed Out" & Henno on "Heart Too Far". The album has 2 songs in French! Veux Tu's music video had it's World Premiere at FLOW Film Festival September 2020. Au Naturel has received 3 film festival official selections and co-written with James C Taylor who has since passed away. His songwriter profits will go to UM Sylvester Cancer Center in his memory. Portugal's "fado" music style inspired the track "Harbour of Lisbon" whose music video is filmed in Lisbon, Portugal. Check out Mermaid Tails music video featuring Mermaid Amethyst, Mermaid Jules, Mermaid Sabrina, Mermaid Kaite, & Mermaid Kelliefish all of which are top professional mermaids!  



From the crystalline sea above the dome,

Comes mermaid tales from myths unknown,

Secrets of the past hidden in plain sight,

Coming to light through mermaids delight

But who could argue with the powers that be,

Lest he who knows the magic of the sea,

The majesty of a god who dominates this place,

Whose face seldom revealed yet rules our race

With an open heart take a chance on a siren song

Leading to oceans deep can't be wrong

Welcome! Thank you for listening to independent music. See why Kahra won BEST RECORDING ARTIST at the Widescreen Awards in Las Vegas & the Lifetime Commitment to FLOW Women in Film FLOW Film Festival 2022. Kahra will be performing at the Key West Mermaid Festival July 1-5th 2022 Kahra is working on new single titled Honeybee and album Winter Solstice. 

NEW INTERVIEW ALERT Canvas Rebel Magazine June 16th, 2022

Kahra is a featured artist with rock band Mature Musical Pictures. Upcoming live gig with the band in Orlando on October 15th, 2022 MMP Interview on YouTube, Spotify & Stoverload Music Podcast 

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HERE is the music video for "Harbour of Lisbon" filmed in Lisbon, Portugal inspired by their "fado" style music. Filmed by Kahra & Sheri Ellen


Here is the Music Video for Lovesick which was played at AMC Theatres in Aventural Mall for the IndieWise Film Festival August 2018