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Mermaid Tales is a Maritime Themed Album Mastered by Red Pipe Mastering NY & Produced by Red Pipe Productions, Giuseppe D. & Alan "Bagga" Mitchell in the genres of Tropical House, Reggaeton, & Pop featuring Rally Rally Ree on "Missed Out" & Henno on "Heart Too Far". Fado style inspired the track "Harbour of Lisbon" and check out the music video filmed in Lisbon, Portugal now on YouTube. Two album songs are sung in French, one of which titled "Au Naturel" is co-written with James C Taylor which his half of the songwriting profits will go to UM Sylvester Cancer Center in his honor. This song is included in the album in both English and French. 



From the crystalline sea above the dome,

Comes mermaid tales from myths unknown,

Secrets of the past hidden in plain sight,

Coming to light through mermaids delight

But who could argue with the powers that be,

Lest he who knows the magic of the sea,

The majesty of a god who dominates this place,

Whose face seldom revealed yet rules our race

With an open heart take a chance on a siren song

Leading to oceans deep can't be wrong


KAHRA hosts city events or private parties impersonating famous stars, princesses, superheroes, and even villains! She sings, acts out scenes, & hosts games for kids and adults. For the below list please email: or call 305.519.7917

*JoJo Siwa

*Marilyn Monroe

*Betty Boop

*Sandy from the movie Grease (good and bad Sandy)

*Taylor Swift

*Elsa from Frozen

*Mermaid with Fin (4 color options)

*Ariel from The Little Mermaid

*Sofia the First

*Hawaiian Dancer

*Poppy from The Trolls Movie

*Santa's Daughter Candy

*Sexy Nurse

*German Girl

*Fortune Teller/Gypsy

*Army Girl

*Angel (with wings)

*Devil (two outfits one dress one pants)

*Sexy Referee


*1950's Waitress

*Sailor Girl

*Honey Bear Girl

*Party Police (one to three police ladies, two policemen)

*Indian from Footprints Album



For this second list below please go to or call 786.220.5686 or 954.239.7244 or 561.293.3535. For live videos of Kahra's events with MiamiSuperhero on YouTube search Party Characters Events

*Wonder Woman



*Snow White



*Mal from Disney's Descendants

*Princess Anna from Frozen

*Belle from Beauty & the Beast

*Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

*Poppy from The Trolls Movie

*Princess Fiona from Shrek

*Alice from Alice in Wonderland

*The Red Queen/Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

*Princess Leia & Ray from Star Wars

*Mavis Dracula from Hotel Transylvania

*Draculaura & Frankie Stein from Monster High

*Maleficent Villain 

*Poison Ivy Villain

*Catwoman Villain

*Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy