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Mermaid Tales is a Maritime Themed Album Mastered by Red Pipe Mastering NY. Produced by Red Pipe Productions, Giuseppe D. & Alan "Bagga" Mitchell in the genres of Tropical House, Reggaeton, & Pop featuring Rally Rally Ree on "Missed Out" & Henno on "Heart Too Far". The album has 2 songs in French! Veux Tu's music video had it's World Premiere at FLOW Film Festival September 2020. Au Naturel has received 3 film festival official selections and co-written with James C Taylor who has since passed away. His songwriter profits will go to UM Sylvester Cancer Center in his memory. Portugal's "fado" music style inspired the track "Harbour of Lisbon" whose music video is filmed in Lisbon, Portugal. Check out Mermaid Tails music video featuring Mermaid Amethyst, Mermaid Jules, Mermaid Sabrina, Mermaid Kaite, & Mermaid Kelliefish all of which are top professional mermaids!  



From the crystalline sea above the dome,

Comes mermaid tales from myths unknown,

Secrets of the past hidden in plain sight,

Coming to light through mermaids delight

But who could argue with the powers that be,

Lest he who knows the magic of the sea,

The majesty of a god who dominates this place,

Whose face seldom revealed yet rules our race

With an open heart take a chance on a siren song

Leading to oceans deep can't be wrong


Kahra is a Miami based recording artist singer/songwriter, actor, pageant winner, model, voice teacher, fitness instructor, and painter with a diverse style and unique message. Kahra has 9 albums available online and released her latest album Mermaid Tales with 13 songs which she performed at the Key West Mermaid Festival. Kahra won BEST RECORDING ARTIST at the Widescreen Film Festival in Las Vegas in September.

Kahra has over 30 music videos filmed all over the world, some of which have won film festival awards. BEST MUSIC VIDEO for "Party Police" at the Red Shorts Film Festival. 5 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS at IndieWise Conventions. 2 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS at FilmGate Festival Miami.

Kahra competes in beauty pageants and holds the following titles, "Miss Hollywood US Nation 2013", "Miss Florida US Nation 2014", "Miss US Nation 2016", and "Miss Carnival Ambassador 2017".

Kahra is a former cheerleader for the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers. She sang the National Anthem for the Strikers twice broadcast on ESPN3. Kahra also performed an original song titled, "Here come the Strikers" for the Strikers Half-time show with the cheerleaders and crowd participating in the dance!

Kahra is an impersonator of famous people such as Taylor Swift, JoJo Siwa, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Betty Boop, Sandra Dee, Superheroes, and Disney Princesses mostly at private parties but also for the cities of Hollywood, Bay Harbour, Miami Springs, and Belle Glade.

Career highlights include singing on the show X-Factor for Simon Cowell with the group Treehouse 4 in Denver CO, lead actor in the short film Highway to Hell, recording an album in Sicily Italy, actor in an MTV reality show episode, dancer in two Superbowl Half-Time Shows, model on a billboard for an athletic club, a catalog of over 200 recorded songs, a book titled, "Art by Kahra" featuring her artwork in collections, sang backup for Bob Marley's Mom on a track, and scored songs for 2 feature films.

Check out Kahra's YouTube Channel ( for live performances, official music videos, and behind the scenes videos. She is actively on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook as Kahramusic. Her albums are available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, & CD Baby. Stream on Apple Music, Spotify, ReverbNation & SoundCloud. Book Kahra's impersonations through and acoustic shows through Email:

"If it doesn't open, it's not your door."